organizational model

> Code of Ethics  (available only in italian)
> Modello Organizzativo (available only in italian)

management team

board of directors

Position Name and Surname Birth Place Date of Birth
Chairman Oscar Marchetto Ponte di Piave (TV) 11/06/1964
Director (1) Alessandro Zanchetta Oderzo (TV) 13/05/1969
Director (1) Giancarlo Corazza San Vito al Tagliamento (PN) 01/07/1963
Lead Indipendent Director (2) Gianna Adami Cittadella (PD) 17/06/1957
Indipendent Director (2) Stefano Campoccia Conegliano (TV) 29/10/1960

(1) Managing Director
(2) Director with the independence requirements pursuant to art. 148, paragraph 3 of the TUF

board of statutory auditors

Position Name and Surname Birth Place Date of Birth
Chairman Michele Furlanetto San Donà di Piave (VE) 27/12/1967
Standing Auditor Luciano Francini San Fior (TV) 22/06/1959
Standing Auditor Annarita Fava Treviso 29/03/1968
Alternate Auditor Lorenzo Boer Treviso 13/03/1973
Alternate Auditor Aldo Giusti Godega di Sant'Urbano (TV) 19/04/1958

Manager responsible for Company Financial Reporting

auditing company

EY S.P.A. via PO, CAP 00198 Roma
C.F. 00434000584 – P.IVA 00891231003


shareholders meeting and statute

> By-laws april 2021 (available only in italian)

> Rules of procedure for the Shareholder’s Meetings (available only in italian)